How to Stay Within Ethical and Legal Boundaries when Using Free Logo Maker Software

//How to Stay Within Ethical and Legal Boundaries when Using Free Logo Maker Software

Using Free Logo Maker Software

Read this article and discover how to stay within ethical and legal boundaries when using free logo maker software! Follow these rules and create your own professional business logo!


Having a great and professional business logo is awesome, especially if you are new to the business world and you want to make an impression. Your logo will represent your company, your business’s mission and vision and will help you build a successful and powerful brand. For that reason, it is important to pay attention to the design of your logo.

Even though the logo design is important, there are other details that are important as well and need to be kept into consideration. There are a few things you need to consider when using free logo maker software to create and design your logo. We are talking about things that will help you stay within ethical and legal boundaries when using a logo maker.

As long as you follow these rules, you will have no current or future problems with using your new logo:

  • Trademark Violations – When designing your logo, you need to steer clear of logo makers and creators that design logos using fonts from other brands such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Disney, and etc. Using another company’s design can get you into legal troubles or trademark violations. Instead, you should use your own creativity and come up with something unique, something that is related to your business company only.
  • Limit Collateral Investment – If you aren’t planning on using your new logo in the future, you shouldn’t invest in thousands of brochures, business cards, and other forms of physical collateral. Those are just wasted money and there is no need to do that to yourself or to your new business. It is easy to change a logo on Facebook or on your ecommerce site, but it is not that easy to change a log on a flyer or a business card.
  • Read the Terms of Use – Before using a certain logo maker software, you need to read the Terms and Conditions and confirm that you actually agree with them when using the site. There are some logo makers which offer limited usage rights which means that you could be sued for using the logo for business purposes. Always read the terms of use and make sure you understand everything before you proceed.

There are some great free logo maker software tools you can use online such as DesignMantic,, Logojoy, 99Designs, Logaster, Logo Factory Web, TextCraft, and etc.


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